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There are two types of 'Tactical Training', Civilian & Professional.
Why? Because the 'average Joe' is on a need to know basis.
It is not ethical nor considered 'professional' for us to be sharing 'Police Tactics' (for example) with Civilians, they simply don't need it.
The fact is, most of the time when dealing with professionals there is a 'Non-Disclosure Agreement' in place.

The other obvious impacting factor is of course (Federal, State and Local) Laws.
For example, 'Tactical Defensive Pistol Training' is NOT offered to Civilians in Australian, why?
Because there is simple NO avenue for it, although many would love to learn and train it...
As a civilian, you are not allowed to own/possess nor CARRY a Pistol for Defensive purposes.

We therefore advise that the following information and course listings & availability is subject to the above mentioned considerations
and we will not entertain riduculous conversations nor requests to provide 'in-appropriate' training which posses I high risk to all parties involved especially in terms of liabilities.



Self Protection Training: Protecting yourself & loved ones
Edged Weapon Attack Survival: Knife Defense
Urban Survival: Surviving High Risk Situations
Personal Security & Privacy Protection: Anti-Crime Training
Concealed Carry Weapon ( C.C.W. - Pistol)
Defensive Shotgun






Officer/Operative Safety Training
Dealing with Non-Compliance
Team Work & Tactical Communication
Problem Solving & Multi-tasking
Control, Restraint & Removal, Escorting Techniques
Defensive Tactics & Use of Force Training
Baton & Handcuff Training
Tactical Pistol Training
Tactical Shotgun Training
Tactical Assault Riffle Training
Low Light Training
Weapon Retention Training






Note -

Not all instructors are accredited to provide all of these courses; All instructors (in their basic certification training) become certified in Self Protection, CQC & Knife Survival training. Those who have done specialist training may be certified to provide tactical training. Others have completed their local and state requirements to operate such business.

Not all of the courses are provided by Luke Holloway himself, we have a large international team of professionals & specialists who we sometimes 'team-up' with (some still active L.E. & Military) who travel and provide training.

C.C.W. Courses are subject to state by state laws and are only taught by certified and registered instructors of that state.
Taking part in a C.C.W. course does not guarantee your C.C.W. permit, this again is subject to state laws and requirements.
We have a number of affiliated instructors who specialize in C.C.W. certification as endorsed by their state.
Please contact us for more information so we can recommend one for you.

To discuss the possibility of hosting training for your group please visit the 'contact' page and contact your local representative.
Thank you


RCI Tactical Pistol Course Preview

RCI Tactical Shotgun Course Preview