RAW Silat

These days there are literally thousands of ''Silat Styles'' and even more 'Masters' claiming their way to fame with political battles between each other. This is the whole reason 'Raw Silat' was created.. The South East Asian Fighting Arts of Silat, Kuntau, Buah Pukul, Kali, Panatukan, Dumog, Muay Boran among others have always been of great interest to Luke Holloway as he has focused on the south east asian arts most of his life.
Persuing a personal goal to progress in personal growth and development, Luke continually travels throughout South East Asia in a quest for refinement of his own 'concepts' and how they can be applied in a 'BIG MAN's FIGHTING WAY'.. Through extensive & continual research and development Luke has shared what he considers to be the 'relevant' concepts.

''I never meant to create a 'style' or separate 'art', I still go back to train with many friends as often as I can. We exchange ideas, cross-train a little.. and if there's something I think can be applied to my own training I may implement the concept.
Unlike the unfortunate cases I see with many 'tactical combat' instructors popping up on every corner, I actually have a great love and respect for the Martial Arts, but I consider MA and Combatives to be two completely different things.
This doesn't mean that one is better than the other, it just means that they have different purposes and I personally enjoy both. It's like being a rounded athlete, today I'm playing RUGBY and tomorrow I'm playing GOLF.. WHY NOT!?''

After constant request from Martial Artists and Instructors alike looking for something simple, efficient, practical and functional, Luke decided to share what he refers to as 'Raw Silat'.

Many groups within Raw Combat International practice ''Raw Silat'' as a ''Self Perfection'' form of training which helps them balance and 'round off' their training but very few offer it to the public as our priority lies in Self Protection and Personal Security.

Raw Silat Fundamentals are as the following:

Hand to Hand Skills
Dirty Fight Skills & 'Urban' Application
Close Range Skills (Specific)
Grappling & Anti-Grappling Skills
Locks & Restraining Skills
Throwing & Takedown Skills
Ground Fighting Skills

Impact Weapon Training
Edged Weapon Training
Flexible Weapon Training
Improvised Weapon Training

Before there are any ''Raw Silat'' Instructor certificates issued or even offered, all instructors must first become certified in the fundamentals;
Raw Combat International's:

  • Self Protection
  • CQC (Close Quarter Combatives)
  • Urban Survival

along with

  • Armed Threat Management

Becoming an instructor in Raw Silat prior to this training is impossible.



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RAW Silat - Guard Destruction - Germany, November 2013


RAW Silat - HARD HITTING - Montreal, Canada - September 2013

RAW Silat Ground Fighting - Sweden - 2010

Gathering of Master in Malaysia 2010