Hok San Sar Ping Lion Dance


Luke Holloway has been involved in Lion Dance since 2005 after seeing the Khuan Yee Lion Dance Association perform. He originally started training with Grand Master Siow when he came out to Australia and was then invited by Grand Master Siow to follow him back to Malaysia and train. Luke joined the Australia team for the Genting World Lion Dance Championships in 2006 and since that point has been back and forth to Malaysia to train with Grand Master Siow and other brother teams.

GM Siow is said to be the world figure on Lion Dance having changed the art into an official sport and reviving this beautiful side of Chinese culture.
GM is the head judge and advisor at the World Lion Dance Championships and is internationally known as the 'Lion King'.
He is always on T.V. and there are countless documentaries about him and his work with Lion Dance.
GM Siow is also a master of Chinese Martial Arts and is very knowledgable on their ways.

In 2010, Luke was invited by GM Siow to become a disciple student.
Luke has said that this has been one of the greatest honours of his life.

Soon after Luke was asked to be a guest performer with the Malaysian team 'Khuan Loke' at the World Lion Dance Championships with 45 Lions.

Here is the video of that event including some behind the scenes footage!

Luke now assists his brothers at the Khuan Yee Lion Dance Association in Brisbane, Australia in occasional performances and is training three teams in Japan which he leads now under the blessing of Grand Master Siow.


NEW STYLE - 'TIGER' Dance, by Grand Master Siow!

Here is one of Luke's recent trips to Hong Kong to visit his Lion Dance brothers school!

Luke strives to share the great teachings of Sar Ping Lion Dance to students in R.C.I. who want to take their training to the next level.

The 8 Virtues of Sar Ping Lion Dance are

忠  Loyalty

正 Righteousness

毅 Perseverance

勇 Courage

智 Wisdom

誠 Sincerity/ Honesty


禮 Manners