Fighting For Lives

Welcome to Fighting for Lives. We started off as a bunch of guys in Finland who held martial arts seminars and training sessions to raise money for children's charities. We have since developed considerably and have instigated our own charity projects for orphans and street children thus far in Sierra Leone, Kenya and Malaysia. We have global support and wil continue to work to combine our interests in the arts with charity work for children.

We aim to build a community of martial artists and clubs around the world who are willing to do their bit to help out and make a difference.

Let's face it, all around the world, children are in dire straits. In our opinion, every child should have the chance to enjoy their childhood, to receive education, drink clean water, eat regular meals, have access to basic healthcare and to live in peace with people they love without needless fear and suffering. We can help them, if we all do our little bit, the synergism might well result in profound changes globally.

AIMS: To hold and organise martial arts events to raise money for less fortunate children around the world. To initiate and maintain charity projects for less fortunate children regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender and creed. To build a community of martial artists around the world who involve themselves in Fighting for Lives activities. To give joy, hope and freedom to as many as we can!

If you agree and support what we do,  spread the idea to as many people as you can, hold an event or join one of the events that are being organised.

Forthcoming events are on our facebook page.