Second Time Participation Fee for Thai Gathering




2014 R.C.I. Thai Gathering



Fees will NOT be accepted from new comers - Your link is here!

Joined the last Gathering ?

Phuket1Get your R.C.I. Self Protection, C.Q.C & Armed Thereat Management update along with all your NRA Training revisions (required before you take part in the Tactical Training) including the Tactical Pistol & Tactical Shotgun courses for just $695.95 (registration MUST be before July 7th).

To arrange all course materials, instructors, range safety officers, range gear, ammunition, firearms and other necessities to facilitate these courses, ALL participants MUST be registered at four weeks before the course! We are offering a huge discount to those who register early and pay in advance.

Note -

Course fees DO NOT INCLUDE

(You are responsible for)

  • - You own flights
  • - Transfer from the Airport
  • - Accommodation
  • - Food & Drinks
  • - Taxis and or Bike hire
  • - Ammunition and Range costs
  • - Extra Curricular Activities - Elephant Riding, Tiger Park Visits etc


Below we have given a list of foreseen costs

- Flights; will always depend  on where you are coming from, from Australia & Japan, have some of the best deals! Also try !

- Accommodation - is approximately 1,000 baht ($30USD) per night in a private room or around 600Baht ($20USD) per night shared.

- Food - You can eat very cheap in Thailand but most people tend to make a pig of themselves because of this! Many of us go and can live off $10-$15USD a day.. But for most, this isn't the case, it's usually double because they order double of everything.. Because you can!

- Ammunition - Is never cheep, any shooter knows this, especially in the US right now! But you are best to budget at least $2-300.00USD… This sounds like a lot, but honestly isn't!

- Visits to the Elephant and Tiger parks are usually around the $60-$70USD. It is of course optional, but the last few trips, everyone has had amazing experiences and we know you would regret NOT doing it!!!

- Taxis - We often car pool and or hire taxis for the day, MUCH cheaper and usually ends up costing each person around $10 a day.. You may also choose to hire a bike, this ranges from about $8 - $20 a day depending on what you want… You can get just about anything and it's VERY convenient!

- Transport from the Airport; Phuket Airport is approximately 40mins from the area that we stay in (which will be given to you on completion of registration). This costs about $40USD. If you are coming in a group (like most of our students from Japan for example we can organize a group pick up and save you money!)

EXACT locations, details & schedule will only be given to those who register!

For more information contact:



Filipino Combatives Global Trainer Certification

15hr introductory course for those wanting to get into F.C.G.

Able to run a training group in your area with the direct authority of Tuhon Felix Cortes!

Spend the week with Tuhon and GET CERTIFIED!!!

Cost $795USD

Early Registration - $695USD

(before July 7th)

Register & Pay for F.C.G. Trainer Certification here!


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