Raw Security Training: Door Supervision & Crowd Controlling (Club & Event Security)

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Luke Holloway presents a DVD which covers the basics of what isn't taught in the security courses for doorman, door supervisor, bouncers, security guards, and event staff. With international industry experience, Luke brings to you the ins and outs of the industry along with a ton of trade secrets, so you don't set yourself for failure!

This volume is ideal not only for those in the security industry but also for looking to get into the security industry. All information and techniques shown are open to interpretation of course; however, the training is concept based so you are free to apply it to your situation however you feel necessary!

Topics include but are not limited to:

Security & Risk Management Basics

Dealing with Aggressive Behavior

Dealing with Drunks

Dealing with Management & Bar Stuff

Situational Awareness

Confrontation & Conflict Management

De-escalating Situations

Reasonably & Necessary Use of Force

Security Officer Safety

Combatives for Security

Knife Defense Basics

Restraint & Removal Techniques & Tactics

Escorting & Evicting Techniques  & Tactics

Multiple Attacker Survival

Team Work & Team Values

Professional Security Work Ethics

Work Place Health & Safety

Security Checks (I.D. & Bags etc.)

Effective Communication & Body-language

Furthering your education & credential list


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