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​Learn to survive, no matter what the threat - anywhere, any time, any opponent, any weapon.

Learn the skills, strategies and tactics you need to master your self protection so that you’re fully prepared to come out on top in any high risk or violent situation.

​RCI and founder Luke Holloway have been featured in:

​Why Do You Need to Learn Self Protection?

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt uncomfortable? When you weren’t sure if things were going to get out of hand? And, if they did, were you sure you could deal with anything that might happen?

Unfortunately, almost every one of us has been in real life scenarios in the most normal of everyday circumstances that have very quickly spiralled into a potentially violent situation.

And it doesn’t matter if you're in the right or not, and it doesn’t matter how you’ve behaved. These things can happen when you least expect them and come out of the blue.

​Maybe you’ve never had any training in self defence or in a martial art and you’re a complete beginner. Or perhaps you’ve trained in martial arts, but have realised that what you learnt in the dojo didn’t help you on the street. All those fancy complicated moves have their uses, but the theory often doesn’t work in the real world and under stressful conditions.

If you’ve come to this understanding after being in a fight it’s often a shock to learn that what you thought you knew wasn’t enough. That every opponent will fight back. And that you need to use skills that have been pressure tested and practiced to survive in a real world confrontation and to get out safely.

How To Become Self Reliant in Every Situation

Whether you’re a beginner or a trained martial artist, the truth is that there is a way to learn how to take your personal security into your own hands so that you can prevent, avoid and survive any high risk scenario or confrontation.

You can take any level of knowledge and skills that you already have and turn yourself from victim to victor in just a matter of hours. You can develop the ability to get out of trouble using only your problem solving know-how, your bare hands or any weapon that comes to hand (traditional or improvised) and the tools and techniques you’ve learnt.

Regular training plus adding more drills and skills over time will make your abilities second nature so that you have them ready to ensure your safety (and that of your loved ones) in a split second moment of need. And testing yourself with sparring and when you're fatigued or distracted or in unfamiliar settings can only make you more prepared.

​The secret is to take a holistic approach to your own personal security.

If you approach everyday situations with situational awareness uppermost in your mind and have risk and threat management skills and plans to deal with any situation, you’ll be ready to get out of any kind of trouble - quickly and safely.

​You’ll need to learn tried and tested techniques that have been rigorously planned and tested with thousands of students. Techniques and drills that have been pressure tested to ensure that they are easy to call on in the heat of the moment. You will be the person that you can trust to prevent you coming to any harm.

A unique mix of survival skills, combatives techniques and martial arts can help you to detect, deter and deal with any hazardous scenarios.

You can learn to control any opponent and control the situation by mastering your self control.

Learn All of These Skills in the RCI Learning Center

The RCI Learning Center is a unique membership site where you can build all these skills that you need with training courses across survival, combatives and martial arts all working together to deliver the ultimate in self protection training.

We’re not trying to make you paranoid, we’ll make you prepared.

You can join now and have access to every piece of training for 7 days for just $1. We want you to look around inside the RCI Learning Center so that you can see for yourself how much you can learn. That’s all it costs to see how this membership can give you the confidence and empowerment to master any high risk situation or any threat environment. At the end of your 7 day trial you will be billed $39.95 per month.

What is the RCI Learning Center Membership?

Inside 19 Course areas (and growing every month) you’ll learn by watching short lessons presented by RCI founder, Luke Holloway, filmed in HD+ video, grouped into modules that build your skills as you progress. Lessons provide fundamental principles, training drills and insights for form, structure and use in a variety of situations.

You’ll learn at your own pace and be able to review any sections multiple times until you have mastered the skills being taught.

The RCI Learning Center courses in Personal Safety, Personal Security and Self Protection will teach you how to:

  • become ‘real world’ fit, focused and prepared for anything;
  • defend yourself with deadly martial arts, knives and firearms;
  • develop your self protection so you can guard yourself and your family;
  • improve your personal combat ability to counter any threat;
  • master RAW Silat and the RCI fighting skills and methods

Important: New video training modules are added to the membership site every month. The available training grows month-by-month in specific modules and courses designed and created by RCI founder, Luke Holloway, so that there is always something new to learn so that your journey of self protection mastery is always developing.

Here’s What You Get in The RCI Learning Center

All the training in the RCI Learning Center fits within three core disciplines - Survival, Combatives and Martial Arts. Many of the courses fit in more than one area and the skills you learn in one will naturally complement and enhance your training in another.


First set yourself up to deal with any threat or situation with body conditioning and functional fitness, then move on through self-development and mastering personal security basics so that you have effective risk assessment and management.


If you need to deal with a threat you’ll need to rely on your combatives training and skills. This discipline will teach you Self Protection, close quarters combat and armed threat management so that you will instinctively eliminate any threat to your safety.

Martial Arts

The RCI system takes your martial arts experience (from total beginner to experienced practitioner) and transforms it into your underlying street combat tool. RCI focus on teaching RAW Silat and RAW Taichi as brutally effective fighting styles.

What DO RCI Members say?

RAW Combat is what it says, it’s raw. But it's taught on a set of principles not techniques and the techniques allow you to react without the need for thought process. I would recommend RAW Combat to anyone looking for an organisation that gives you the tools required for self protection and survival in the modern urban world.

Stefan Thompson, Essex UK

The online learning is the shit!! Definitely a game changer that has allowed me to improve my skillset. The videos are great quality and Luke explains everything clearly. And you can schedule your own training and do it whenever you have a moment, so it is very convenient for people that are busy. Recommend it 100%!

David Alvarez, Madrid, Spain

What DO RCI Members say?

RAW Combat is what it says, it’s raw. But it's taught on a set of principles not techniques and the techniques allow you to react without the need for thought process. I would recommend RAW Combat to anyone looking for an organisation that gives you the tools required for self protection and survival in the modern urban world.

Stefan Thompson, Essex UK

The online learning is the shit!! Definitely a game changer that has allowed me to improve my skillset. The videos are great quality and Luke explains everything clearly. And you can schedule your own training and do it whenever you have a moment, so it is very convenient for people that are busy. Recommend it 100%!

David Alvarez, Madrid, Spain

Your RAW Combat International Learning Center Membership Includes

Across your RCI membership you’ll have full access to the following courses and training.

​Self Development & Life Coaching

Learn how your mental attitude, and preparation underpin your approach to all life events. Looking at traditional values and philosophical ideas you will develop your outlook and resilience so you can influence positive outcomes.

Personal Security & Risk Management

Develop your skills in personal security and risk management, assessing and preparing for any threat before it happens. This course covers this crucial first step which is missing in most 'self defense'/combatives and martial arts training.

Urban Survival & Prepping 101

Urban Survival is a massive course in the RCI Learning Center broken down into modules covering the survivalist mindset, prepping, urban survival, every day carry, bugging out, improvised weapons use and shooting fundamentals.

Self Protection Training

Another in-depth course consisting of multiple modules and training drills, so that you’ll learn to protect yourself fighting with punches, elbows, knees and kicks as well as bag workouts and how to win when the fight goes to the ground.

Close Quarter Combative Fight Skills

This key RCI course is ten separate modules each with multiple videos so that you learn CQC fundamentals, takedowns and dirty fighting strikes. You’ll also learn how to grapple to control any opponent and how to win in a bar fight.

Armed Threat Management

Many people fear attack from a weapon, but you can and will be prepared. Combining skills from courses in the RCI Learning Center you will master defending attacks from firearms, impact weapons and blades using multiple counter strategies.

Combative Grappling & Ground Fighting

Learn how to take your fundamental fight skills into 'ground work'. Use the skills you already have to take charge in compromised situations. You will learn how basic (stand up) striking drills can be 'translated' into practical ground fighting drills.

Combatives - Sparring Development

Work on sparring drills so that you learn how to read oncoming attacks and how to deal with them in a functional but natural response. You’ll learn how to use strategies and tactics to have deadly combinations ready to use as second nature.

RCI Tactical - Weapons Familiarisation

Start weapons training with weapons familiarisation and firearms handling discipline to ensure your safety and a solid foundation for developing your shooting skills. Learn weapons handling for semi-auto pistols, revolvers and shotguns.

RCI Tactical - Shooting Fundamentals

Take your shooting skills on to the range and learn everything from range safety and range commands, through dealing with three types of malfunction and learning how to shoot with accuracy, speed and confidence. Better, safer shooting.

Women's Self Protection

In two separate modules you’ll learn the fundamentals of self protection for women of any size, age or experience. You’ll learn the realities of the dangers you can face  and how to prioritise with simple escapes from every situation you may be in.

Anti Bullying

Self protection isn’t just for you, but for your family as well. Help your children with the skills you’ve learnt with in depth modules for you to train your kids in self protection, hand to hand skills and how to protect themselves in any situation.

RAW Silat

Master RAW Silat in this vast set of 19 modules taking you from beginner to deadly Silat practitioner. Modules begin with fundamentals and work through skills development, dirty boxing, knife, machete and stick work and so much more.

RAW Silat - Weapons Sparring

With every RAW Silat skill learnt and practiced in the main Silat course, this module introduces sparring with sticks and adding in combos and punches to make you a lethal RAW Silat fighting machine, but also how to defend and counter.

RAW TaiChi

Learn how to make TaiChi and the practice of forms and QiJong be the skills that underpin your form, structure, posture, balance and ability to improve your martial arts, combatives, and self protection in every way. Multiple detailed modules.

RCI’s Functional Fitness

Your self protection needs to deliver under pressure, stress or fatigue which means developing core fitness, condition, strength and stamina. This course gives you simple drills to develop functional fitness to enhance your training.

Luke Holloway International Seminar Archive

Learn even more with this archive of recent RCI International seminars. Develop new skills including Pukulan Silat, Kilap strikes, crashing lines, applied knife fighting, entries and gates, fighting with stick, bottle and flashlight plus advanced CQC.

Luke Holloway Webinar Archive

Hear the RCI founder’s further thoughts on self-development, mindset, attitude and application. Self-development has always been a cornerstone of RCI thinking and training and these short but to the point seminars add greater insight.

RCI DVD Archive

A major bonus course consisting of 6 hours of training normally reserved for RCI instructors covering how to fight, RAW Silat Sapu, edged weapon threat management, RAW Silat CQC, plus RAW Silat stick fighting and grappling. A massive add-on.

Who are RAW Combat International and Luke Holloway?

Raw Combat International is a worldwide organization bringing together groups of security, tactical, survival and self protection professional instructors who specialize in offering and developing education and training for boith professionals and civilians in those disciplines.

RCI was first made famous on YouTube (now with over 90 Million views and counting on their two main channels - in English and Japanese) by the hard hitting training videos featuring RCI founder, Luke Holloway, who also went on to produce, direct and present the T.V. Show 'KEEP IT RAW" (Loaded TV ).

​Luke Holloway has became renowned for his no-nonsense approach to combative and tactical training, personal security and survival. In 2009 he began to tour the world giving courses and seminars ranging across various topics such as Personal Security, Survival, C.Q.C. (Close Quarter Combatives) and Raw Silat. ​ He regularly works with Military, Law Enforcement and Security Professionals providing training in both armed and un-armed combatives throughout North & South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

​Luke has been  based in Japan for a number of years, where he also regularly works with local Law Enforcement, Military Special Forces and Security Groups providing training to professionals to assist in crisis management and Officer Safety among other things.

Luke was brought up living a lifestyle of Martial Arts, hunting and survival since a young age in Australia, which included training in as many Martial Arts styles as he could. However it wasn’t until working as a doorman and in Close Protection & Consulting that he came to deal with another level of violence as a professional on a very regular basis.

​With the understanding of how to deal with aggressors, violence and how to survive high risk situations Luke developed his training methods based on the concept of pressure testing all ‘techniques’ and drills to see how they are applied in 'real world' situations and scenarios. Aside from being a respected figure in the Martial Arts world he has been a pioneer in developing standards of training for professionals ensuring that everything taught and trained is relevant to the end user and is functional for them at every skill level.

​Luke continues to run the RCI operations on a day to day basis whilst travelling throughout the world, especially in South East Asia, where he seeks out instructors of the highest calibre in lesser known but highly effective fighting styles so that the most effective elements can be rolled into the RCI training.

“The way Luke teaches the principles and the structure that he has devised make sense to me and I recommend Raw Combat because, unlike other styles that just take your money and teach you nothing that will help you in the real world, Raw Combat is no smoke and mirrors. It's Direct, Realistic and Effective.”

Dublin RCI Seminar participant

"Luke Holloway is amongst the best when it comes to personal protection. Luke makes you feel welcomed and wanted. His style and the way he teaches makes it easy to learn. Not only that but the material covered is much different than that you’re going to find and face in a class or Dojo. I highly recommend taking this course."

Baltimore RCI Seminar participant

“I have found Luke’s training to be extremely well put together. I highly recommend these courses to anybody, with a fighting or martial arts background, but more importantly to anyone without the years of training under their belt for a no-nonsense approach to protecting yourself and loved ones in today’s ever increasingly violent society.”

Sydney RCI Seminar participant

If You've Read This Far, You Owe It To Yourself

If you've got this far down the page, you owe it to yourself to honestly answer these questions:

What if just one thing you learn in the RCI Learning Center....

….helps you protect yourself or a loved one from a situation that wasn't your fault one dark night a few months or years from now?

What if just one strategy you learn during your membership....

….helps you develop a lifelong skill that focuses your mind, improves your fitness or underpins all your future training?

What if just one technique that is taught in the RCI Learning Center....

….stops a bar fight in its tracks. Prevents someone getting hurt. Or lets you get home safely that one time things go bad?

​What would those outcomes be worth to you really, over your lifetime?

Thousands of dollars?

Or priceless, even?

The truth is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Join now and see how your RCI membership can give you self reliance, confidence and the security of self protection that you can build on month after month.

Here’s the RCI Guarantee - We Want You to be 100% Satisfied With Your Membership

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Join the RCI learning center for 7 days for just $1...

... and then stay for another 30 days (billed at $39.95 per month), 100% RISK FREE.

If you don't benefit from the training material and feel that what you've learnt hasn’t turned you from victim into victor nor has it prevented you from feeling as though you’re prey for a predator, then simply email the RCI support team ( before the end of the 37 days and we will happily refund your full trial payment and your full first 30 day subscription.

This means you get two bites at the cherry to try everything in the RCI learning center for 37 days -  and, if you decide that it's not right for you, just email us before the end of the 37 days and we'll offer you a prompt and courteous refund.

The best part is this:

You don't have to make up your mind about the RCI Learning Center right now.

Just enroll in the Learning Center today and decide if it's right for you within 37 days after you have taken it for a full and complete test drive.

Other self protection training companies think we're crazy for doing this because they say what if people just take advantage of you?

To that we say why should we penalise 99% of the people in the world who are genuine and committed to their self-development and self protection just because of a few chancers?

So, don't delay, take us up on this no risk 100% guaranteed offer and join the RCI Learning Center today

Answers to Your Questions About the RCI Learning Center

Who is The RCI Learning Center Membership Site For?

Do I need any prior martial arts or combatives experience before joining the RCI Learning Center?

Is the RCI Learning Center suitable for both men and women?

Is the RCI Learning Center a subscription membership site?

Is new training added to the RCI Learning Center every month?

How do I cancel my RCI Learning Center membership?

Why should I choose the RCI Learning Center membership?

How many hours of training are in the RCI Learning Center?

Does the RCI Learning Center work on phones and tablets?

Is your 100% money back guarantee for real?

Enroll now and have access to every piece of RCI training for 7 days for just $1.

We want you to look around inside the RCI Learning Center so that you can see for yourself how much you can learn.

That’s all it costs to see how this membership can give you the confidence and empowerment to master any high risk situation or any threat environment.

Here’s Why I want to see YOU in the RCI Learning Center

A personal note from Luke Holloway, founder of RAW Combat International and the RCI Learning Center principal instructor.

I’ve been training in martial arts, survival, self protection, combatives and weapons all my life. Right from a little kid.​

​I am totally aware of what is going on around me at all times and I know how to handle myself in any threat situation.

I’ve dedicated my life to learning everything there is to know about self protection and how to deal with every hazardous scenario. Plus, I’ve spent all my adult life teaching others how to do the same and, here’s the truth, I’ve become one of the world’s best trainers in this field.

Every time I meet someone who needs to learn self reliance and how to live a life unafraid, I do my utmost to help them make that change. To pass on everything that I know that will help them become who they want to be.

If that sounds like it’ll work for you, join today and you have my word I’ll help you learn so that you can be prepared for anything that life throws at you - any threat, anywhere, any time and any weapon.

And, if you don’t like the training or for some reason things just aren’t working out you can cancel with no drama at any time. And, if you do that within the first month after your 7 day trial, I’ll give you all your money back.

You have nothing to lose. Come and see what RCI can do for you.