Hosting a seminar

A range of seminars are available and can be customised for the needs of your group weather it be civilian or professional.

Popular Civilian seminars:

RCI's CQC & Urban Survival two day introductory course

Raw Silat's Hand to Hand Fighting Skills

RCI's Edged Weapon Threat Management & Intensive Simulation Training


Luke Holloway Seminar 2012

Luke Holloway Seminar 2012



Popular Professional Seminars:

Weapon Retention Training

Tactical Knife Training

Off Duty C.C.W. Tactical Concepts


Note - It is the hosts responsibility to cover the expense of travel, accommodation and payment in advance. Training topics to be covered and fees are negotiable, however in general start at $1500.00 for an 'open to the public' general seminar.


Raw Silat Empty Hands @ Raw Combat Germany

RCI's Close Quarter Combatives @ Raw Combat Taiwan

Raw Silat's Karambit @ Raw Combat Melbourne (Australia)