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Toshogu Luke Holloway

PDP – RCI’s Combatives Program – Essentials

Mobility Drills Turning 1 – ‘Weapon Side’ Turning 1 – ‘Reaction Side’ 180 Degree Turn ESSENTIALS BROKEN DOWN – SELF PROTECTION FUNDAMENTALS – in Nagoya, Japan A SIMPLE TIP TO IMPROVE YOUR FORM, EFFICIENCY & POWER! PAD WORK 101 MECHANICS & FORM 101 MECHANICS & FORM 101 Part 2 MECHANICS & FORM 101 Part 3 […]

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PDP – RCI’s Combatives Program – Skills Sets

All basic combos broken down and explained in easy to ‘Follow Along’ step by step drills by Luke Holloway with the Assistance of Josef P (TDI for Europe) and Instructor Suda (TDI for Japan). PUNCHING COMBINATIONS Punching – Template 1 Punching – Lead Variation Punching – Template 1 – Lead Variation (Drone Shot) Punching – […]

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Women's Self Protection - Raw Combat International

PDP – RCI’s Combatives Program – Applications

Looking at applications and the ‘blending of tools’ from RCI’s Self Protection Applied Fighting Skills Pre-Emptive Striking Series Being able to ‘put in those shots’ Pre-Emptive Striking Part 2 & 3 Hand to Hand Applications 1 – Basic Punch Counters Hand to Hand Applications 2 – Working On The Cover Hand to Hand Applications 3 […]

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PDP – RCI’s Combatives Program – Sparing

Objectives Dealing with straight lines Adding in the hooks Adding in the uppercuts Why train like this! Working in counters Light open sparing Building up to sparing with simple counter drills (footage from a regular class) RCI HQ FULL CLASS VIDEOS Warm Up – Working both Offensive & Defensive (On the ground) Counters off the […]

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