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My path to a HAIDONG GUMDO BLACK BELT After being in the freezing cold (UK) for 6months I decided to go home and commit to my Haidong Gumdo training with Master Oh. I first met Master Oh a couple of years ago now and had my daughter training Taekwondo with him. I had lived and […]

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Raw Combat Brisbane

Urban Survival Course Participants from all over QLD & NSW came to Brisbane to attend this one off Urban Survival Course given over a weekend with Luke Holloway. Each day was approximately 10hrs and was in brutal conditions. Participants (many RAW regulars and professionals in their own field) were put through some of the same […]

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Fortunately this year Luke was in Brisbane with his Khuan Yee Lion Dance brothers and was able to perform with the team during the festivities. At the Brisbane Daoist Temple also asked him to demonstrate his ‘Kung Fu’.. So (as politely as possible) he KEPT IT RAW!!! See the video footage here!:

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Raw Combat Melbourne – 2 Days Raw Silat

Once again a GREAT turn out at Adam Martin’s Raw Combat Melbourne! Participants of this workshop were shown the generic similarities and differences between common South East Asian Arts (Such as Silat, Kuntao & Buah Pukul) and shown a simple way to train which ever ‘approach’ they may choose in their own time. The second […]

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