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The Survivalist Mindset

In this video series you will learn how R.C.I.s fundamentals of Risk, Threat & Crisis Management are applied to Survival training, be it Wilderness or an ‘Urban’ Environment, the same mentality, awareness and of course SKILLs are required! The Preparation for Crisis Management through practice Prioritising & Being Realistic – Shelter Fire, Water, Food & […]

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RCI Survival – PREPPING 101

In this video series, Luke Holloway shares with you some of the most realistic methods of Survival! Covering everything from Preparation in what to carry to how to use what you have to SURVIVE!!! Preparing for Reality, logically & Protection against the Elements! The ‘Go Bag’ & Hydration Bladder – Why Carry Water? Game Changers […]

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RCI Urban Survival Skills Development

Three of the most under valued tools in Urban Survival Finding Hydration & Prepping for Hydration in Urban Survival Escape and Evasion style clothing – ATACS vs KRYPTEK Why you want to pack GLOVES! ‘BUGING OUT’ – LESSONS LEARNED PREPPING – PRACTICAL FOOD & WATER STORAGE! CASH & SAFES – How important ‘finances & security’ […]

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Survival in the BUSH!

As previously stated, ‘preparation’ also means PRACTICE! None of these videos will give you the keys to survival. It is up to you to practice and acquire the skills and experience needed to survive. In many of these videos we will share some of the lessons learnt through experience to help make your practice more […]

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Luke Holloway Pistol

Shooting Fundamentals

FUNDAMENTAL FIREARM TRAINING Note – The purpose of these videos are to explain and demonstrate the safe usage and handling of firearms. NONE of the content should be taken as legal advice. All actions are taken at your own risk. ALWAYS train under the supervision of a qualified and experienced instructor. RANGE SAFETY RANGE COMMANDS […]

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WILDERNESS SURVIVAL in Thailand – RCI Gathering 2013

Videos from R.C.I.s 2013 Thai Gathering in Phuket. Aside from Combatives training the group worked on Primitive Skills such as Shelter, Water, Fire, Food & Protection! Here, one of the best in Wilderness Survival shares ways of bush craft that many have never seen or even thought of!!! Survival 101 – Mindset Basic Shelter Fire […]

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