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SPX – Courses Candidates Only

SPX Intro COMMUNICATION DRILLS THE STOP LIGHT DRILL THE MIRRORING QUESTION FOR A QUESTION The SHOVE – Protecting Personal Space Open Handed Strikes – 1 Open Handed Strikes – 2 Punching – 1 Punching – 2 Reference / Hammer Fist – Intro Reference / Hammer Fist – 1st Drills Reference / Hammer Fist – 2nd […]

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These videos aim to help graduates retain crucial information form the course lectures which will help them prepare for a successful future with R.C.I. !!! Sharing the ‘Self Protection Mindset’ Teaching Applied Fundamentals Getting ‘Set Up’ and keeping up the motivation in your group! Teaching Specific Groups Online Promotions Another GREAT form of Promotions Teaching […]

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IDP – Combatives – Survival Training Module (FREE)

SURVIVAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT In this video series you will learn how R.C.I.s fundamentals of Risk, Threat & Crisis Management are applied to Survival training, be it Wilderness or an ‘Urban’ Environment, the same mentality, awareness and of course SKILLs are required! The Preparation for Crisis Management through practice Prioritising & Being Realistic – Shelter Fire, […]

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IDP – Combatives – Personal Security Series

Personal Security Defined Communications – Getting on the same team! Raising Community Awareness Types of Security & Developing the Pro-Security Mindset The ‘Need to Know Basis’ Theory! Phases of Situational Awareness SITUATIONAL AWARENESS – Night Life Entering & Assessing a Premises The Restroom Your Personal Belongings & Information Having your Drink Spiked – What it […]

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Toshogu Luke Holloway

IDP – RCI’s Combatives Program – Essentials

Mobility Drills Box Stepping (Drone Shot) Turning 1 – ‘Weapon Side’ Drone shot Turning 1 – ‘Reaction Side’ Drone shot 180 Degree Turn Drone shot ESSENTIALS BROKEN DOWN – SELF PROTECTION FUNDAMENTALS – in Nagoya, Japan A SIMPLE TIP TO IMPROVE YOUR FORM, EFFICIENCY & POWER! PAD WORK 101 MECHANICS & FORM 101 MECHANICS & […]

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